Unitalen invited by China National Offshore Oil Corp for IPR lecture

May 24, 2004
Unitalen invited by China National Offshore Oil Corp for IPR lecture
Invited by China National Offshore Oil Corp, Unutalen Attorneys at Law held a lecture on Intellectual Property Rights in the company’s Conference Hall on May 24, 2004. The company’s asset management, legal and administrative departments employees, representatives of China National Offshore Oil Newspaper office, as well as about twenty employees from the company’s affiliates were present at the lecture.

As one of China’s three biggest state companies, China National Offshore Oil Corp has an outstanding position and function in the exploitation of offshore oil and natural gas, and is China’s biggest producer of sea oil and natural gas. Its business achievements have made it the leader among Chinese large-scale enterprises for a number of years now. The company has made significant breakthrough in multiple-area hi-tech researches, thus acquiring many State Prizes for scientific and technological advance. Together with its constant expansion of international cooperation, China National Offshore Oil Corp starts perceiving the influence of its lack in IPR protection and realizing the inevitable importance of IPR protection for corporate existence and development.

Unutalen Attorneys at Law is one of the largest in scale, strongest in special knowledge and biggest in representation IPR agent organizations in China. It boasts abundant experience in IPR application, protection and litigation, as well as its strong team of experts. The two experts to deliver a lecture at China National Offshore Oil Corp are both very experienced in the IPR field. Mr Leo Li, lecturing on “Chinese Corporate IPR protection – current affairs and future development”, is Unutalen Assistant Manager and an experienced patent agent. He made a microanalysis of the current and future IPR affairs in Chinese enterprises, and went deeply into IPR strategies by stating real cases.

Ms Qi Yali is the Legal Department Director at Unitalen. She has a longtime practical experience in IPR protection and has completed a large number of patent applications and litigation cases. From the patent point of view, she helped the enterprise realize the strategies in applying patents in a more efficient way, the use of IPR rules and regulations to protect its scientific and technological results, and thus achieve higher corporate competitiveness both domestically and internationally.

During the lecture, the various department representatives of China National Offshore Oil Corp were listening carefully to the IPR experts. They were satisfied with the simple explanations, accurate and practical cases and assessed the lecture as useful in respect of improving the company’s IPR consciousness and IPR protection.
During the succeeding discussion, the participants raised various questions on IPR protection, which the two experts answered thoroughly, using their special knowledge and practical experience to clarify the obscure issues.

With the world’s plunge into the age of information economy, China is increasingly blending with the economic globalization tide. On the background of the Chinese economy’s ever-growing proportion in the world, IPR issues are receiving more and more attention in enterprises. Unutalen Attorneys at Law, through never-ceasing cooperation, construct and perfect corporate IPR strategies and assist Chinese companies in improving their IPR use and protection capacity, and further continue the use of IPR advantages to reach wider market and development prospects.