Unitalen Experts Invited by Sibao Group to Deliver a Lecture in Wuhan

May 30, 2004
Unitalen Experts Invited by Sibao Group to Deliver a Lecture in Wuhan Invited by Sibao Group, Unitalen experts went to Wuhan on May 26-28 to deliver a lecture on IPR to about 30 middle- and high-ranking executives and technical specialists. The lecture was warmly welcome by the company’s employees. Mr Zheng Mingqiang also took unprecedented part and expressed his gratitude to Unitalen attorneys. Mr Li Lei, Unitalen deputy director and experienced IPR expert, used a macro-approach to elaborate on the current domestic and international developments in IPR, and stated a number of practical examples to explain the importance of IPR strategies. Mr Lu Changming, Unitalen partner and experienced patent agent with a profound experience in patent agency, outlined a patent strategy for the company and proposed to use patent strategy for better development. Mr. Wang Qian, an experienced patent agent in the bio-chemical pharmaceuticals field, made a professional instruction to the company’s technical specialists. The high-ranking executives at Sibao Group accepted the lecturers with esteem, the other employees were also eager to enroll and take part. The venue attracted more than one hundred company representatives to share Unitalen’s experience. In reply to Sibao Group’s invitation, as of May 28 Unitalen experts visited the company’s production sites and had a 2-hour discussion with the managers and technical specialists at Sibao Pharmaceuticals Corp. Hot topics for discussion were patent application, protection and management etc, all of them warmly welcome by the participants.