Mr. Bradley Yu Invited for Presentation on IP at 7th Sci-tech Expo Forum

May 19, 2004
Mr. Bradley Yu Invited for Presentation on IP at 7th Sci-tech Expo Forum
A Forum on Intellectual Property within the Seventh International Science and Technology Industry Exposition was held in Beijing City Hotel on May 25, 2004. Invited by the organizer—Beijing Intellectual Property Office—, Mr. Bradley Yu , Chairman of the Board of Partners of Unitalen Attorneys at Law, made a splendid presentation on “Issuing Patents for Chinese Enterprises—Risks and Countermeasures”.

With its opening as of May 21, the Seventh International Sci-tech Expo became the focus of attention and attracted about 3000 foreign visitors from 32 countries and regions, 82 representatives of foreign governments, company delegations, famous scientists, entrepreneurs and science field leaders among all. More than 8000 Chinese visitors, mainly representatives from the high-tech sector, also came at the venue.

Of all the activities having taken place during the Expo, the Forum on Intellectual Property organized by Beijing Intellectual Property Office was of greatest interest. Eight governmental, entrepreneurial and legal experts were invited to make presentations at the Forum, Legal Figures of China's Ministry of Commerce, the vice-president of TCL Group and Mr. Bradley Yu of Unitalen Attorneys at Law, to name some. The topics discussed included: corporate IP strategies and management; methods of approaching the ever-growing number of Chinese enterprises IPR disputes; recovering business value from corporate IPR and its relation to corporate competitiveness; mechanisms of settlement and modes of application of foreign-related IPR disputes; mechanisms of settlement of international trade-related IPR disputes; etc.

Mr. Bradley Yu has abundant ten-year practical experience in the field of IPR protection, and has consulted a number of eminent foreign and local corporations. At the Forum, he elaborated on the patent barriers faced by Chinese corporations on their way to the international market, outlined relevant policy and proposed remedies for baffled enterprises.

The experts shared their advanced experience in famous local and foreign enterprises IPR strategies and management, and provided valuable knowledge in respect of corporate IPR protection, consultation and litigation.