Unitalen Partners Delivered Lectures at WIPO-Tongji University Master of Law Program

November 14, 2019

At invitation, Unitalen partners Dr. Pan Wei and Mr. Zheng Bin participated in the “WIPO - Tongji University Master of Laws program" to deliver lectures in English to the freshmen of 2019.

Tongji University is the first and only university in China to cooperate with WIPO in providing joint training for a graduate program. This is also the third consecutive year that Unitalen lawyers was invited to teach at the program.

Dr. Pan Wei has extensive experience in international patent agency business. He interpreted the procedural requirements and substantive requirements of European patent law in his lecture; and analyzed the strategies and considerations for patent application in Europe. In addition, Dr. Pan Wei explained the ideas and practices of industry design protection in Europe.

Mr. Zheng Bin has a deep understanding of Chinese patent practice, as well as the in-depth knowledge of US and Europe patent offices practice in the field of biomedicine with extensive experience in foreign-involved patent applications. In the lectures, he introduced the practice of IP protection in the field of medicine in China and abroad with substantial case studies.