Children’s Dreams of Olympics Come True in Beijing
——Students from Ning'xia Hope Primary School experience Olympics with the help of Unitalen Attorneys at Law

October 11, 2007
Unitalen Attorneys at Law welcomed six special guests in its office on August 18, 2007. They are the delegates of students and teachers from the Hope Primary School of Taoyuan Village, Longde County of Ning'xia Hui Autonomous Region in northwest China.
This is part of a social activity named "Stars of Hope Welcome the Olympics" organized by Beijing Bar Association in order to let the children in the rural area experience the grand sports event in Beijing.

Five students and one teacher from the primary school were invited by Unitalen to join the activity. In order to let the children feel the civilization, modernization and technology of 2008 Beijing Olympics, Unitalen representatives took them to some Olympic Stadiums, popular scenic spots, as well as museums offering DIY opportunities such as the Natural Museum and Movie Museum. The visit helped them understand civilization, modernization and technology promoted in the Olympics.

Taking the advantage of this activity, many Unitalen staff volunteered to sponsor the students so that they can continue their education. Unitalen also called upon more employees to take part in the sponsorship, offering schooling opportunities to more children in the remote and poverty-stricken region.