Trademark registration applications in China approached 600,000 in 2004

February 21, 2005
2004 witnessed explosive growth in trademark registration applications, with annual applications approaching 600,000, topping the world in the 3 rd consecutive year.

According to Director An Qinghu with the State Industrial and Commercial Administrative Trademark Bureau, the trademark registration application experienced obvious growth in 2004, after the breakthroughs of 300,000 and 400,000 respectively in 2002 and 2003, the application amount broke through 500,000, hit the record high of 580,000, approaching 600,000, with an annual increase of 136,000 and 30.04%, which is 2.17 times of the amount comparing with 2001 when China entered WTO.

As analyzed by An Qinghu, the swift and vigorous growth in trademark registration application is the aftermath of sound economic development and increasingly strengthened social consciousness of trademark. It reflects the achievements of economic and social sustainable development, strengthened protection over intellectual property and the in-depth implementation of activity of registered trademark right protection on one hand, and shows the foreign trademark registrants' full confidence in the investment environment, legal environment and market in China on the other hand.