“IP Seminar on Innovation and National Industry” held in Beijing

March 9, 2005
On the “IP Seminar on Innovation and National Industry” held in Beijing recently, experts attended showed their common concerns that, as multinationals and dominant group march into China, if no intellectual property industry can be formed based on innovations, the technological gap between foreign and Chinese enterprises will have the risk of further broadening, and frictions in intellectual property with foreign enterprises may be increased.

Domestic company Netac attended the seminar indicated that its basic invention patent on flash disk which was just granted in US is experiencing large-scale infringement from tens of foreign companies, causing immeasurable economic loss to the company.

Insiders say that, if a patent is suspected of being infringed by multinationals, domestic high-tech enterprises, and various SMEs at the same time, the litigation strategy for the patentee will be of great significance. According to them, if small enterprises are sued first, the initial investment will be small and there will be a good chance to win; however, large enterprises may not buy it, and so additional litigation may be necessary against the large enterprises.