Two cases of counterfeiting internationally famous medicine uncovered by Shandong police

March 9, 2005
In the “Eagle Action” aimed at cracking down crimes of trademark infringement arranged and implemented by the Ministry of Public Security, two extraordinarily serious IP infringement cases of counterfeiting internationally well-known medicine were successively uncovered by Shandong police, in which over 30,000 tablets of forged sexual medicines such as Viagra and Super Viagra, together with semi-finished products, manufacturing equipments and other related goods, with a total value of over 5 million yuan were seized, and five major criminal suspects including Feng and Yuan were arrested.

At the end of 2004, Public Security Department of ShanDong Province kept receiving tips that there was a den in the Shandong territory producing medicine that counterfeits a famous American brand, with a manufacturing and sales network being formed. The Economic Detection Regiment of Shandong Province Public Security Department took immediate action to carry out investigation and obtain evidence. On January 7 of this year, according to the clues received, the police arrested 3 criminal suspects including Feng on the spot in Jinan, and seized fake medicine with over 1.7 million yuan in value.

On the same day, the police destroyed a forging factory, and seized manufacturing equipments, semi-finished products and various related articles with a value over 1 million yuan in the territory of Liangshan County. So far, five criminal suspects in the two crimes including Feng and Yuan have been taken into criminal custody, and the police is sparing no effort in investigation, striving to completely destroy the forging source and the criminal network.