210,000 dozens of pirated dry cells destroyed by customs in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province

March 13, 2005
It is learned from Customs General Administration that, Guangdong Jiangmen Customs recently destroyed a batch of pirated dry cells detained from export link in public, with total amount of 210,000 dozens, or over 2.5 million pieces, and a total value of nearly RMB200,000.

In July 2004, a company in Jiangmen city declared export of 170,000 dozens of R6 cells through general trade to the Waihai Office which belongs to the customs, with the declared brand as “Power Lell”, total value of USD 24,820. Examination found that this batch of dry cells actually has 210,000 dozens in total, and all the packages are printed with “National Star” in English, which are suspected of infringing the trademark right of Panasonic recorded with the General Customs Administration. According to the owner's petition, Jiangmen Customs detained this batch of dry cells. It is confirmed by Guangdong Industrial & Commercial Administration that the mark “National Star” used on the exporter's cells is similar to the mark “National” registered by Panasonic Electric Co., Ltd., and thus infringing the IP rights of Panasonic Electric Co., Ltd. According to pertinent provisions in the Regulation of the People's Republic of China on the Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Jiangmen Customs confiscated the cells.