China actively develops global RFID standard, patent fee will be exempted

March 14, 2005
Delegation formed by Chinese government officials, system integrators, dealers and standard organization EPCglobal participated “RFID Global” conference held in Dalas this week, which discussed the RFID technology developed by China.

According to Chinese representatives, China is making efforts in developing RFID technology standard that fits other standards around the world. Chief Technological Officer with uniView said, “China will adopt the EPCglobal and IPO standards, however, some adjustments need to be made to meet its special demands.”

China plans to involve the formulation of global standard, and will set up a no patent royalty fee standard with its own intellectual property, so as to avoid problems similar to DVD royalty fee. EPCglobal has set up a RFID work team that is able to check and modify the existing standard proposal, and will seek approval from “China Standard Organization”.

China uses UHF waveband, but the waveband (860 MHz to 960 MHz) to be adopted y the next-generation Gen 2 global standard will coincide with those of GMS and CDMA. According to Chinese representative, China is testing multiple wavebands to decide which waveband it will open, but no timetable is available.