Invention Patent Certificate No. 5,000,000 on the 100 New Era Witnesses List

August 28, 2023

Recently, the theme activity of "Witness the New Era" jointly carried out by the National Cultural Heritage Administration, the China Media Group and the Cyberspace Administration of China announced the 100 New Era Witnesses List, and the "No. 5,000,000 Invention Patent Certificate" recommended by the CNIPA was included.

On March 15, 2022, the CNIPA issued the No. 5,000,000 invention patent certificate. Since the first invention patent certificate was issued by China on January 10, 1986, China patented a total of 5 million inventions for 36 years. The invention patent certificate No. 5,000,000 is a microcosm of the new era in which various types of large, medium-sized and small enterprises compete for development and innovate together, witnesses that the China's intellectual property industry developed from scratch and becomes a globally recognized intellectual property power, and is an important example of the historic achievements achieved by the intellectual property industry under the leadership of the Communist Party of China in the new era.

(Source: China Intellectual Property News)