China's First Quantum Computing Patent Pool Established in Beijing

May 6, 2023

Recently, the Quantum Computing Industry Intellectual Property Alliance & the Quantum Computing Patent Pool Establishment Conference themed on "Collaborative Innovation of Intellectual Property to Build a Quantum Future Together" was held in Beijing. At the conference, Baidu, in conjunction with the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences, announced the establishment of the "Quantum Computing Patent Pool", with the aim of constructing a sturdy "fortress" for the development of quantum intellectual property in China.

Currently, the patent pool has agglomerated dozens of quantum patents and is open to and shared by alliance members and will create a cooperation bridge for alliance members to promote the formulation of industrial criteria for the quantum industry and the layout of standards-essential patents. Meanwhile, the alliance members can utter a unified voice through the patent pool to create an intellectual property environment favorable to the healthy development of quantum computing industry. In the subsequent period, the patent pool will focus on the collaboration among seven primer quantum industry fields, including quantum measurement and control, quantum security and encryption, quantum architecture and software, quantum error correction, and quantum algorithm and application.

It is reported that, the quantum industrialization innovation subjects in Beijing region rank first in the country on the number of patent applications for invention in the quantum field, and the alliance members reach a proportion of up to 70% to the total number of patent applications for invention in the quantum field in Beijing. As an alliance organization focusing on the field of quantum intellectual property, the alliance will stimulate the ongoing compliance of the high value patent cultivation, the cross grant and licensing of patents, and the innovation subjects in the quantum field with industrial criteria or the like, and arrange layouts towards critical quantum patent fields, so as to dominate the efficient development of the entire quantum industry.