Announcement of the China National Intellectual Property Administration on Acceptance of the European Union Products including Inländerrum to Declare for Protection of Geographical Indication Products (No. 506)

December 26, 2022

Announcement of the China National Intellectual Property Administration

No. 506

According to the Agreement Between the European Union and the Government of the People's Republic of China on Cooperation on, and Protection of, Geographical Indications, Provisions on the Protection of Geographical Indication Products, and Protection Methods of Overseas Geographical Indication Products, the application for the protection of geographical indication products of 175 European Union (EU) products, including Inländerrum, has been accepted according to laws. Upon formal review, the information of the 173 EU products including Inländerrum is hereby released; two geographical indication products, Haut-Médoc and Saint-Estèphe, have been under protection and will not be repeatedly released here.

Relevant institutions or individuals, if having any objection to the China's geographical indication products protection upon the 173 EU products including Inländerrum, may raise such objection in writing to the CNIPA within two (2) months from the date of announcement. The application materials are preserved in the Intellectual Property Protection Department of the CNIPA for future reference.

Correspondence Address: Reception Hall of the CNIPA, No. 6, Xitucheng Road, Jimen Bridge, Haidian District, Beijing (Notation: geographical indications objections).

Postal Code: 100088

Contact Number: 010-62086534


1. Information of acceptance and release of the 173 EU products including Inländerrum.pdf

2. List of two protected EU geographical indication products Haut-Médoc and Saint-Estèphe.pdf