A New Version of the English Website of the China National Intellectual Property Administration Went live

November 22, 2022

To further improve the service quality of the government's website and strengthen the supply of intellectual property information to the outside world, the Office of the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has made a new version of the official English website, which has been put into service on October 30. (Website: https://english.cnipa.gov.cn)

The new version of the English website aims to serve users, focusing on providing information that users "are most concerned about" and "need most", and, based on deep research, setting up 6 primary columns including Resources, News & Events, Law, Special Topics, Statistics and About Us, and 21 secondary columns. Moreover, the display of intellectual property resourcesis classified into four categories—patent, trademark, layout-design of integrated circuit and geographical indication, anda number of topics of interest to foreign users such as international cooperation, administrative rulings, Hague Agreement and Madrid Agreement have been added.

The new English website has added a "What's New" column, quick links, and a FAQ area on the home page andhas highlighted the services that users are most concerned about, such as intellectual property search, application process, and payment, and answers to frequently asked questions. Also, the new English website is also adapted for mobile phones, so that users can browse the webonmobile phones.

(Source: CHINA Official WeChat Account)