Unitalen Received Honorary Title from the Client Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

August 10, 2022

In the afternoon of July 7, general manager of the Intellectual Property Division of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Cui Chengzhe, deputy general manager Tejima Yuta, together with the delegation visited Unitalen and awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Cooperative Law Firm of 2021" with the Certificate of Appreciation to Unitalen. Li Yang, deputy head of Unitalen, Wei Wei, chief of the Third International Trademark Department, and Wang Peichao, Unitalen partner and others warmly welcomed and accompanied the guests in the discussion.

Unitalen was awarded by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation for "outstanding contribution to the practical proposal on the commodity catalogue notarization method as a countermeasure against counterfeit design applications ". Mitsubishi Electric Corporation selects one or two excellent cooperative firms worldwide for an award every year. Unitalen is the only Chinese firm to receive this award in this year, and it has been the second time for Unitalen to receive this honor since 2019.