China and Cambodia Sign the Memorandum of Understanding on Design Cooperation and Launch Design Recognition Project

January 27, 2022

<p>On December 31, 2021, the Memorandum of Understanding between the CNIPA and the Ministry of Industry, Technology and Innovation of Cambodia on Design Cooperation was signed into effect, under which China and Cambodia will launch a design recognition project, and Cambodia will expedite the review of eligible relevant Chinese design applications.

<p>The MOU is the first bilateral cooperation agreement signed by the CNIPA in the field of design, which clarifies the consensus on cooperation between China and Cambodia in the field of design, and will lead to the implementation of the China-Cambodia Design Recognition Project as soon as possible. The signing and implementation of the MOU will provide more convenient and efficient IPR services for innovation entities of both countries, promote the implementation of the "Belt and Road" IPR cooperation initiative, and enrich the content of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Cambodia.

<p>(Source: CNIPA)