Unitalen Client Fidlock Acquiring Patent Protection through Cost-effective Patent Administrative Complaint

March 16, 2021

Case Summary:

Fidlock Co., Ltd., headquartered in Germany, our client, is a major supplier of fastening system products worldwide. It provides an original and user-friendly fastening system using an exclusive technology, which has completely changed the traditional solutions and market structure, combining the advantages of magnetic fasteners and that of mechanical locking. Fidlock has acquired a series of patents for the related technology in many countries including China.

The respondent Dongguan Sports Goods Co., Ltd. engaged in plastic product mold design as well injection molding product processing, produced and sold a variety of magnetic locks infringing our client’s patent right. Therefore, we filed a patent administrative complaint the Dongguan Municipal Supervision Bureau on behalf of Fidlock.

The Dongguan Municipal Supervision Bureau conducted trial on the case after an on-site inspection and then made the ruling based on the "Patent Infringement Judgment Advisory Opinion" issued by the expert group of the Dongguan IP Office's Rights Protection Assistance Center, which held that the alleged infringing products fell within the protection scope of Fidlock's multiple patents and ordered the respondent to stop the infringement immediately.

Typical Significance:

In general, compared with patent infringement litigation, the processing period of patent administrative complaints is shorter, and the cost is lower, and the patent administrative law enforcement department can also be involved to conduct on-site inspections, which makes it easier to obtain evidence of infringement. Therefore, patent administrative enforcement shall play an important role in patent right protection.