CTA: First China Trademark Development Index Published

December 17, 2020

During the 3rd China International Import Expo, the China Trademark Association (CTA) released the first China Trademark Brand Development Index. The index shows that Zhejiang Province ranks first in the country with 88.51 points, and Beijing and Guangdong Province rank second and third with 88.06 points and 87.95 points respectively.

It is reported that the index includes 5 first-level indicators, such as "trademark brand scale building", "trademark brand quality improvement", "trademark brand potential exploration", "trademark brand benefit realization", and "trademark brand policy support"; 12 second-level indicators, and 30 third-level indicators. The data shows that the development status of China's trademarks and brands is generally good. The development of trademarks and brands has formed healthy competition, but there are significant differences across regions. The development of trademarks and brands in the eastern, central and western regions is distributed in a tiered manner. The eastern provinces place greater emphasis on and investment in the development of trademarks and brands. In the trademark brand development index, most of the top-ranked provinces are also in the developed eastern coastal areas; the provinces in the central region are ranked closely behind, while the provinces and cities in the western region rank most behind.

(Source: China Intellectual Property News)