CNIPA: Last Year Output Growth in Patent-intensive Industries Released for the Very First Time

June 15, 2020

The State Intellectual Property Office and the National Bureau of Statistics released the output growth data based on the “Statistical Classification for IP (Patent) Intensive Industries (2019)”, which had been audited in accordance with the results of the 4th National Economic Census. According to the data, the output growth in patent-intensive industries in 2018 was 1070.9 billion-yuan, accounting for 11.6% of China's GDP. This is the first time China has officially released national output growth data for patent-intensive industries.


Here’s the breakdown of output growth in the seven major categories of China's patent-intensive industries: 3.2833 trillion yuan in the new equipment manufacturing industry, accounting for the highest proportion of the overall output growth, at 30.7%; 2.1551 trillion yuan in the IT and communications manufacturing industry, accounting for 20.1%; 1.9472 trillion yuan in the IT and communications service industry, accounting for 18.2%; 1.413 trillion yuan in the new materials manufacturing industry, accounting for 13.2%; 946.5 billion yuan in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, accounting for 8.8%; R&D, 721.5 billion yuan in the design, and technical services, accounting for 6.7%; 242.4 billion yuan in the environmental protection industry, accounting for 2.3% .


It’s worth noting that the “Statistical Classification for IP (Patent) Intensive Industries (2019)” was officially released and implemented on April 1, 2019.


(Source: The People's Network)