CNIPA: The Latest Statistics of Trademark, Patent, GI and other IP Development

February 17, 2020

It was learned from the CNIPA that in 2019, China authorized 453,000 invention patents, 1.582 million utility model patents, and 557,000 design patents; the number of invention patents held per 10,000 people in China reached 13.3; There were 6.4 million trademarks and 25.2 million effective trademark registrations accumulated, with an average of 1 registered trademark per 4.9 market entities; a total of 2,385 GI protected products and 5,324 GI registered trademarks accumulated; the total amount of patent and trademark pledge financing had exceeded 15 trillion yuan.


In the first 11 months of 2019, China's total import and export of IP royalties reached US $ 37.19 billion, of which US $ 6.01 billion was exported, a year-on-year increase of 19.2%.


(Source: The People's Network)