Unitalen Partners Invited to Moderate and Speak at the 2019 AIPPI China Youth IP Seminar

August 21, 2019

The “2019 AIPPI China Youth IP Seminar”, was held in Beijing during July 12th and July 13th. Unitalen partners Pan Wei, Wang Peichao and Li Xinyan, were invited to participate the forum as the moderators and speakers.


Pan Wei presided over the seminar on the topic of “High-quality Writing of Patent Application Documents”, and Li Xinyan made a speech on “Comprehensive Explanation of the Drawings in the Patent Application Specification” based on the relevant norms and her practical experience at home and abroad.


Wang Peichao, as the moderator of the “Responses to the Examination Opinions Involving Common General Knowledge” seminar, briefly introduced the techniques in reply to the examination opinions at issue and then introduced the speakers to conduct in-depth discussions on the relevant topics.