Unitalen Selected into 2019 IAM Global Patent 1000 Again

July 11, 2019

IAM had recently published the IAM Patent 1000 rankings of 2019. Unitalen, again, was selected among the “2019 IAM Global Patent 1000” and presented as a recommended firm in patent litigation and patent filing. Meanwhile, Deshan Li, the deputy director of Unitalen, appears again in the distinguished personnel as a well-known expert in patent filing.


IAM Ranking made the following comment on Unitalen:


Unitalen Attorneys at Law has a ubiquitous presence in Greater China,where it operates from a remarkable 22 officea in addition to its three overseas locations in Japan,Germany and the United States.The firm’s stable of 236 patent attorneys has an extremely broad technical scope and can prosecute patents with ease in areas ranging from biotechnology to telecoms and semiconductor patents.Au fait with prosecution procedures in China and othercountries,it handles more than 8,000 applications per annum.Unitalen Attorneys at Law also possesses robust contentious capabilities,with attorneys at law including DeshanLi stationed in its many offices.Li is aphysics maven who holds a PhD from Frankfurt University;the firm’s chief vice president provides an ideal doorway to China for many would-be international filers and litigants.