Unitalen Partner Invited as Keynote Speaker at the Main Session Held at 141th INTA Annual Meeting

June 27, 2019

This May, as a member of INTA, Unitalen attended the 141th INTA Annual Meeting with a delegation of 16 people in Boston.


On May 20, our Senior Partner, Ray Zhao, was invited by INTA to give a keynote speech at the session of “CM50 Interplay between Designs, Copyrights and Trade Dress – Overlapping or Coexisting”. Mr. Ray Zhao and the IP experts from South Africa, the United States, Argentina, and Spain exchanged and discussed the strategies and practices for the major IP such as design patents, copyrights, and trade dress in the main markets of the world. In addition, Ray Zhao introduced the relevant protection mechanisms in India and Japan, which is very similar to that of China. In this regard, he pointed out that in China, India or Japan, for the protection of trade dress, IP rights holders have multiple options for protection such as 3D trademarks, copyrights, design patents, etc., and should make full use of the advantages and disadvantages of various rights for the optimal protection.