Unitalen Handpicked Top 10 IP Cases of the Firm in 2018 for Their High Reference Value and Industry Impact

May 30, 2019

Recently, Unitalen Attorneys at Law selected the “Top Ten” cases handled by the firm in 2018, which covers trademark right determination, trademark infringement, unfair competition, patent right determination, patent infringement and determination of non-infringement, and copyright criminal prosecution. These cases are picked for the reference value of the adjudication rules confirmed in the judgements to the future similar cases, and the impact of the outcome of the judgments on the related industries.


Top 1.   Tencent Video vs. theworld.cn Internet Browser

Top 2.   Zhejiang Blue Star vs. Trademark Review and Adjudication Board , Talpa Content B.V.

Top 3.   Lafite Rothschild, TRAB vs. Nanjing Jinse Xiwang Wines

Top 4.   Tencent vs. Shenzhen Wechat Food

Top 5.   Litens vs. Gates Unitta, Chery Auto

Top 6.   Zhang Hui vs. Patent Reexamination Board

Top 7.   A patent non-infringement case (client name undisclosed)

Top 8.   Sogou vs. Jiugong et. al.

Top 9.   Foton Auto vs. Zhixing Hongyuan et. al.

Top 10. Beijing Jiujiu Hudong vs. Suzhou Lao Wantong et. al.