WIPO Released Advanced AI Graphical Search Tool

May 30, 2019

On April 1st, WIPO released an advanced AI graphical search tool, which will help identify trademarks in the target market faster and easier, unlike the graphic search tools of the past that could determine the approximation of the trademark graphics mainly by identifying the shape and color in the trademarks.


The new AI search technology of WIPO utilizes deep neural networks and graphical element classification data from the Madrid System of Trademark International Registration and several major trademark offices. Free access is provided to all users.


The new search tool has comprised the data from 45 national trademark offices participating in the project (including those that do not use the graphical element classification system). This, thus far, represents a total of 38 million trademarks. Users who submit complex or combined graphics can use the built-in editing tools to cut the required search area in the graphics for further simplification to acquire more relevant results.


(Source: WIPO website)