2018 Patent Development in between China and “Belt and Road” Countries

May 30, 2019

In the 2018 statistics of patent development in between China and the countries along the “Belt and Road”, it’s found China had 3,299 patents announced in 17 of the “Belt and Road” countries, up 10.6%.


From the perspective of patent quality, the average rate of patent granted in “Belt and Road” countries is 54.3%, up 10% over last year; the average amount of claims in the patents granted in these countries is 15.4, which is noticeably higher than 8.3, the average amount of claims in the patent granted in China in 2018.


As for China patent filing in “Belt and Road” countries, totally 6,073 applications published in 19 countries; Among which, Korea has published 2,146 China patents applications as the first application destination country. 85.9% of the patent applications published are found in the Top 5 countries.


In 2018, 49 “Belt and Road” countries are found with patents granted and filed in China, which amounted to 14,877 and 22,290 respectively, up 7.8% and 4.9%.


In 2018, China patents filed in “Belt and Road” countries are mostly in the fields of computers, telecommunications and other electronic/equipment manufacturing, amounted to 1,606 applications; Instruments and meters manufacturing, chemical raw materials, software & information technology services, and Internet services ranked 2nd to 5th amounted to 590, 485, 364 and 358 applications. The top 10 applicants are all enterprises.


(Source: CHINPA website)