Unitalen Partner Appointed as SCTA Arbitrator for Another 3 Years

January 22, 2019

The Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCTA) released a new list of arbitrators on December 23, 2018. Mr. Li Yongbo, senior partner of Unitalen, was once again appointed as the new arbitrator of SCIA (also known as High-tech IP Arbitration Center Arbitrator) for a period of three years. This is the second time that Li Yongbo has been hired for the position.


The SCIA Council and its Arbitrators' Qualification Review and Conduct Inspection Committee had conducted multiple rounds of review on thousands of applicants from nearly 80 countries (regions) before the new arbitrators were approved by the Council. In the next three years, Mr. Li Yongbo will continue to actively participate in SCIA's professional activities to handle arbitration cases independently, impartially and efficiently, and work with hundreds of arbitrators from 76 countries and regions to jointly build and maintain the important arbitration cooperation platform in the Asia-Pacific region.