2017 Beijing Patent Agency Annual Report: Unitalen Ranks No. 1 in Invention Patent Application for the 4th Consecutive Year

September 21, 2018

Recently, Beijing IP Office and Beijing Patent Agent Association jointly issued “2017 Beijing Patent Agency Annual Report”. Unitalen continued to stay among the top ranks in the total number of patent applications and ranked No. 1 in the number of invention patent applications for the 4th time since 2014.


Ever since the publication of the Beijing Patent Agency Annual Report, Unitalen has maintained its leading position in various fields and index rankings, especially in invention patent applications, valid patent applications, and total number of patent applications, all of which are major indicators for clients to choose a patent agency.


In addition, in this annual report, the patent invalidation case of DJI’s “carrier device” represented by Unitalen was selected into the typical cases of 2017, and “the launch of the 13th Unitalen Hope Elementary School aiding program” was selected into the 2017 annual events.