China Legal System Construction Annual Report 2017 Released

September 21, 2018

China Law Society recently published "China's Legal System Construction Annual Report (2017)".


According to the report, in 2017, the numbers of patent applications in China reached 3.698 million, an increase of 6.7%. Among them, the numbers of invention patent applications reached 1.382 million, utility model patent applications 1.687 million, and design patent applications 629,000. In 2017, the numbers of trademark applications in China were 5.7482 million, an increase of 55.7%; the numbers of examined trademark applications were 4.52 million, an increase of 36.7%. The numbers of copyright registrations in China was 2.747 million, an increase of 36.9%, including 2.001 million works with an increase of 25.2% and 745,000 computer software with an increase of 82.8%.


In terms of administrative enforcement, the report shows that in 2017, the total number of patent administrative law enforcement cases in China reached 66,649, an increase of 36.3%, including 28,157 patent dispute cases with an increase of 35% and 38,492 patent counterfeiting cases with an increase of 37.2%. AIC and Market Supervision organs nationwide handled a total of 30,130 trademark supervision and enforcement cases, with a total value of 365.45 million yuan and a total fine of 470.42 million yuan involved. On copyright part, China National Copyright Administration organized a joint inspection team to ensure use of legitimate software. A total of 389 units and 26,989 computers were inspected throughout the year, up 35.54% and 242.94% respectively. Government agencies at various levels purchased a total of 1.277 million legitimate operating systems, office and anti-virus software throughout the year, with a total value of 612 million yuan.