Unitalen Helped Client Achieved Settlement in Patent Infringement Suit

July 14, 2018

Land-well is a company leading in R&D, production, sales and after-sales service of high tech security products. It constantly innovates and introduces high-quality products under its own IP rights to the market. It is also a member of China Security Association and the leading composer of " National Industry Standards for Electronic Inspection". At the same time, Land-well attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. Over years, it has successfully developed a comprehensive protection mechanism covering all IP rights such as patents, trademarks and software.


The defendant (name not to be disclosed) is a large company who first reached a strategic partnership and concluded a framework agreement with Land-we Unitalen Helped Client Achieved Settlement in Patent Infringement Suits. The two parties agreed that a large volume of product purchase and sales contract will be concluded future. During this course, the defendant acquired a few products involved in this case through sample and purchase, followed by progress stalled. After some time, Land-well found in the defendant’s store a large number of products infringing on Land-well’s intellectual property rights. Under the assistance of Unitalen lawyers, Land-well evaluated the enforcement chance, set up a thorough plan, conducted on-site evidence preservation, and filed a case against the Defendant before Shanghai IP Court in August 2017. The Defendant proposed to settle the case. In consideration of the potential huge business opportunity for both parties, Unitalen helped Lan-well to reach a settlement with defendant and obtained a favorable amount of compensation amount without affecting future cooperation with the Defendant.