Unitalen Partner Invited to Speak at KINPA

July 12, 2018

Recently, the annual meeting of the Korea Intellectual Property Association (KINPA) was successfully held in Samcheok, South Korea. Unitalen deputy director, Deshan Li and partners Yi Zheng and Bing Li were invited to the meeting.


The event has attracted wide attention from the intellectual property community in South Korea. Delegates from more than half of the well-known Korean companies joined the meeting and Unitalen was invited as one of the leading Chinese IP law firms for attendance. Amid the meeting, Unitalen partner Bing Li gave a speech on one of hottest topics among the industry - whether use of trademark in the course OEM.


The KINPA is a non-governmental cooperative organization in Korea. Its main objective is to provide Korean businesses and enterprises with guidance on intellectual property-related professional knowledge and experience, to carry out cooperative activities and to achieve the common goal of improving the Korea’s competitiveness in intellectual property-related fields. At present, the association has a total of 172 corporate members.