SAIC: trademark prosecution procedure simplified and shortened

June 4, 2018

On Feb 7, China Trademark Office announced new measures to further simplify trademark prosecution procedures and shorten processing period of trademark modification and renewal applications, including the following:


1. Applicants for registration of color combination marks or colored marks are no longer required to submit a black-and-white specimen of the marks. The Trademark Office will notify the applicants to supplement such specimens if needed during examination.


2. Applicants filing paper applications for modification of multiple trademarks may submit only one copy of proof of identify and one power of attorney, in addition to one copy of proof of modification. Applicants shall indicate on the application forms in which application the abovementioned documents are attached, and the power of attorney shall list all the trademarks subject to the modification.


The same measure applies to bulk filing of applications for registration, assignment, renewal, removal, license, correction and certificate reissuance, etc.


3. Requests for changing registrant name and address of multiple Madrid international marks may be filed in one single modification application. In case of assignment of multiple Madrid international marks to the same assignee, the applicant can file just one application as well.


4. For modification applications and renewal applications, formality examination and substantive examination are combined; notice of non-acceptance and filing receipt are no longer be issued to improve the examination efficiency.


5. For online applications for modification concerning multiple trademarks, the online application system will load the saved information and uploaded file to the next application automatically to reduce repetitive entry and upload, thus improve online filing efficiency and convenience.


6. The Trademark Office shall complete first-time examination of modification applications and renewal applications within one month upon receipt; (Source: SAIC)