Unitalen Topped Patent Agencies with 22 Awarded Patents during the 19th China Patent Awards

January 11, 2018

December 13, 2017, the 19th China Patent Awards result was announced by SIPO. In accordance with "China patent award evaluation method", a total of 20 gold medal patents, 5 gold medal design patents, 804 excellent patents, and 68 excellent design patents were awarded.


Among all the winning patents, 627 are enterprise patents, accounting for 81.90%, 96 are college patents, accounting for 12.55%, and 42 are individual patents, accounting for only 5.49%.


In terms of overseas mapping, 80% of the awarded patents do not yet have the same family patent overseas. Only 40 awarded patents have had the PCT patent applications filed, but not yet granted overseas, accounting for 4.7% of the total; 138 patents have been granted in at least one country, accounting for 16.22%.


In terms of awarded patent agencies, with 22 awarded invention and utility model patents, Unitalen takes a leading position and doubles the amount of awarded patents of the runner up.


More worth mentioning is that the No. 1 Gold Medal patent [ZL03139760.3 – Benzamide kind histon deacetylase inhibiting agent having differentiation and antiproliferative], was once requested for invalidation. The patent, represented by Unitalen, was successfully maintained in the end.