Dalian University of Science and Technology Summer Program at Unitalen

October 21, 2017

August 3, teachers and students of Dalian University of Science and Technology (DUST) summer program visited Unitalen.

Since Unitalen set up Unitalen scholarship at DUST in 2015, dozens of outstanding students have received awards and foreign study funds to pursue studying abroad. And every year, students awarded with the scholarship visit Unitalen during summer program

For years, Unitalen has taken on the social responsibility of cultivating IP talents. In addition to sending the firm’s own outstanding attorneys and lawyers to study abroad, Unitalen partners with many prestige universities, such as Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Zhejiang University of Technology, to cultivate IP talents. “Unitalen Class” has been set up with many educational institutes, and “Unitalen scholarship” helps to open the door of IP career to more students.