Jian Wang 2017 Anti-piracy Campaign Launched by Chinese Authorities

October 21, 2017

Recently, Jian Wang 2017, an anti-piracy campaign, was officially launched by the National Copyright Administration, National Internet Information Office, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as well as Ministry of Public Security of P. R. China.


This year Jiang Wang action will focus on the Internet copyright protection for news and TV/movies industries, as well as the crackdown on copyright violation in E-Commerce platform and mobile Internet application (APP) areas. Surrounding the purpose of restoring the copyright order of TV/movies and news works on the Internet, acts of disseminating infringement or piracy works through websites, mobile client terminals and “self-media” will be severely punished. 


This action started from July 2017 and shall last for about four months with the following three major tasks carried out:


1) For key copyrighted works: to crack down on the infringement or piracy acts of disseminating unauthorized TV/movies and news via websites, through network drive, consolidated links, applications, Weibo & WeChat, Forums and other channels, as well as unauthorized reposting of news on websites, mobile client terminals, WeChat public profiles and other self-media, and all sorts of news information consolidation platform.


2) For copyright issues in APP market, to crack down on the infringement and piracy acts conducted by APP stores and vendors who publish and disseminate unauthorized news, literature, TV/movies, animation and music works, and to attack APP infringement and piracy acts related to consolidation APP, Internet TV stick and TV box.


3) For copyright administration on E-Commerce platforms, especially large-scale E-commerce platforms, to crack down on the online stores selling infringing or piracy books, audios and videos, digital publications, network drive passwords and piracy links.