Unitalen Partner Yazhou Zhang Awarded “Best Trademark Litigator”

September 13, 2017

June 3-4, 2017 Power Nation Intellectual Property Forum was held at the National Convention Center. At the meeting, the organizing committee announced a list of outstanding lawyers in IP field, and Unitalen partner Yazhou Zhang was elected "best trademark litigator”.

Over years, Yazhou Zhang together with others at Unitalen litigation team assisted clients such as VISA, BMW, Lafite, Ferrari, Armstrong, Oppo, Louis Vuitton, MACO, Power Dekor, Huiyuan, etc. in many major trademark litigations. Yazhou Zhang is serving as the consulting committee expert for the Supreme Court IP Case Directive Research Base in Beijing, and the legal consultant and analysis expert for Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry & Commerce. He was awarded by Beijing Law Association as Beijing outstanding lawyer for many years.