Roundtable Seminar 2005

July 21, 2005

� � As the trademark protection is more and more important to Chinese companies, they need assistance to protect their valuable brands. Under this situation, INTA held a roundtable on July 20, 2005 in Beijing. The seminar was sponsored by Unitalen Attorneys At Law. The topic of this roundtable is regarding the oversea brand spreading and protecting, as well as practical solution tips.

� � Forty representatives from over thirty reputable companies attended this roundtable and exchanged their views with the speakers.

� � During the seminar, three speakers delivered presentations to better expatiate the said topic. At the beginning, by looking at administrative aspect, Ms. Wang Wei from Legal Department of State Trademark Office proposed some suggestions on the oversea trademark registration tips and existing registration procedures and methods. Secondly, Mr. Li Yongbo, the director of International Trademark Department of Unitalen Attorneys At Law, by raising cases pro and con, introduced the importance on the safeguarding of oversea brands in detail. As a representative from reputable brand management enterprise, Mr. Dou Xinlei, as the manager of IP Department of Founder Tech. Group Co., Ltd, conveyed his personal experiences from anti-infringement and cooperation with governmental authorities and judicial departments. The topics and the practical experiences introduced by the speakers arose the high interest of the attendees. The attendees also gave the three speakers questions regarding well-known trademark recognizing malicious registration of famous trademark, evidences used before the court against trademark infringement, governmental assistance channels in trademark infringement, and the possibilities to protect Chinese trademark owner in oversea markets, etc.

牋� As a professional international organization in trademark field, INTA dedicates to its members as well as brand owners various communication platforms on trademark protection regards. As a small-scale, interactive and practical seminar, roundtable is one of INTA?s various featured activities, and gives attendees plentiful time and opportunities to exchange ideas with speakers. After the successful roundtable held in October of last year, this is the second roundtable INTA held in China, and the attendees expressed their great interest in further participation in the attractive and fruitful roundtables held by INTA. INTA representatives also announced INTA?s circuit roundtable program in various cities in China this year and encouraged the attendees with much anticipation of INTA?s various activities.