Unitalen Wins Unfair Competition & Infringement Litigation for Trademark “金蝴蝶” on behalf of Guangzhou Longcheng Brewery Ltd.

September 30, 2006
Recently, Jiangxi Fushun People’s Intermediate Court issued a verdict in favor of Guangzhou Longcheng Brewery Ltd (Longcheng) represented by Unitalen, according to which the act of the defendant has constituted infringement and unfair competition, and the defendant is ordered to stop the act of unfair competition and trademark infringement against Longcheng upon issuance of the verdict.

Longcheng is a comprehensive enterprise acting as an agent for all kinds of famous alcoholic beverages. Since 2004, Longcheng began to sell dry red wine originated from Spain under the trademark “金蝴蝶” and launched large scales of promotion in many well-known media,receiving appraisal and recognitions by the relevant departments and consumers as well.

On May 9, 2005, Longcheng noticed the advertisement released by the defendant promoting its rice wine under the trademark “金蝴蝶”, and entrusted Unitalen to lodge a lawsuit at Jiangxi Fushun People’s Intermediate Court against the defendant for infringement and unfair competition.