Unitalen loves life, sport and football - Football game: Unitalen vs China Net Company

December 3, 2008
On a clear day of golden October, a football game was held between Unitalen and China Net Company in Olympic Training venue.

In the field, both teams were frequently transforming between attack and defense with active moves. The scores were refurbished constantly. After 90-minute fierce contest, the referee blew his whistle to end the whole game with 4:2.

Unitalen’s cheer squad gave warm applause to wonderful goals by both teams. Unitalen also invited some foreign clients to watch the game, who were deeply attracted and even exhibited their own skills as second strings to enjoy the happiness of sports. Leo Li, vice-director of Unitalen, presented his jersey to the foreign friends after the game ended.

Unitalen football team has been keeping exercises and games for several years, which not only enhances Unitalen’s friendship with teams from other enterprises and state organs, but also enlivens Unitalen people’s leisure time. Besides physical fitness, the spirit of loving life, sport and football is manifested.