Unitalen co-publishes “China Intellectual Property Enforcement Manual” with CCH

January 7, 2009
“China Intellectual Property Enforcement Manual”, compiled by Unitalen Attorneys at Law at the invitation of the well known publishing company CCH Hong Kong Limited, has been published recently. The Manual was edited by Mr. Bradley Yu, chairman of Unitalen partners committee, Mr. Li Deshan, vice director of Unitalen and Dr. Qiang Ma, partner of Unitalen. Many other lawyers, patent attorneys and trademark attorneys of Unitalen with rich experience also took part in the writing work.

The manual which is of loose leaf and updated four times every year, will serve as a handbook and an authentic guidance for legal professionals. The book clearly illustrates the procedures for obtaining various IP rights in China, covering not only patent, trademark, copyright, but also many related issues like unfair competition, company name, domain name, new plant varieties, IC design, customs protection.