Beijing Chang Ping District Amply Rewarded Hi-Tech Companies and Technicians, Unitalen Was Given the Award for Excellent Agency

December 18, 2009
On December 13 2009, the Changping district held the Technology Innovation Conference to reward the individuals, enterprises and agencies for their prominent contributions to technology innovations. Deputy Mayor of Beijing Gou Zhongwen attended this conference. The awards of this conference are as high as RMB 30,400,000, which is the highest at district levels nationwide and in history. Beijing Unitalen Attorneys of Law is selected as the only excellent agency for technology innovation in Changping District and received a prize of RMB30, 000.

Intellectual property protection plays a very important role in the technology innovation. Changping district actively promotes the technology development and attaches great importance to intellectual property protection. To better protect the intellectual property rights of science-and-technology enterprises, Changping district selected IP service agencies according to a set of strict standards. As a nationwide famous agency, Unitalen is recognized by Changping Science park for its high quality service and expertise and won the prize for "Excellent Agency” as the only IP agency in this conference.