Louis Vuitton Case represented by Unitalen is Enlisted in the Ten Civil IP Cases of Year 2011 by Guangzhou Court

April 15, 2012

On 15 April, 2012, the trademark infringement and unfair competition case that Louis Vuitton Malletier (Louis Vuitton for short hereinafter) vs, Li Zhongkui and Guangzhou Xuze Leather Products Co., Ltd (Unitalen as the attorney of Louis Vuitton)was selected as one of the Ten IP Civil Cases of Year 2011 by Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court.
The Fake Can’t trump the Real — the copycatting LV (Louis Vuireal) was ordered to pay damages of 2 million yuan The plaintiff Louis Vuitton Malletier sued the defendants Li XX and Guangzhou XX Leather Leather Products Co., Ltd for trademark infringement and unfair competition. The two defendants are accused of using “ ” (while the real trademark registered was ) for many times on their various leather products and commercial pamphlets for promotion, and they announced that the production of their leather products was under the authorization of “French Louis Vuireal International Group Co., Ltd” (which was actually registered in Hong Kong).

The Court found the two defendants committing trademark infringement and unfair competition, and held that the defendants shall pay damages to the plaintiff in the amount of 2 million yuan for economic loss. This is also the intellectual property infringement case with the highest damages amount adjudicated by the Court of the city.