Unitalen Forum 2012: Focus on Intellectual Property Development and Strategy

November 12, 2012

During October 25- October 26, 2012, 2012’ Unitalen Intellectual Property Forum was successfully held in Beijing Broadcasting Tower Hotel, the forum was jointly organized by Unitalen Attorneys at Law, Unitalen IPR Management Consulting Co., Ltd., over 150 representatives from more than 100 well-known enterprises of various industries participated in the forum.

This forum brought together multi-faceted experts’ opinions of judges, patent consultants, patent appraiser, senior patent and trademark attorneys, providing suggestion on the direction for the company IPR development in global market, enabling the company to focus on IP mapping, consulting and strategic development with basic IP insight.

With the rising of China’s market, Chinese enterprises showed a more pronounced internationalization trends and continuously expand their market and services outward. In this economic context, IP has become a required course of Chinese enterprises: how to map reasonable patents and trademarks overseas, how to make IPR strategy in match with company development strategy, as well as how the company benefit from IPR consulting and other emerging issues. It has crucial importance for the development of enterprises.

At this time, we specially invited judges from the Supreme People's Court of China to make an in-depth presentation for nowadays patent litigation hotspot and difficult problems, and deeply analyze some problems in details in layman's language in combination with trial practice and thereby referred to many countermeasures for enterprise in case of being sued.