Attorney from Unitalen was Awarded the Honorary Title of "Outstanding Intellectual Property Lawyer in Beijing"

March 9, 2013

In afternoon of February 1, 2013, the Beijing Lawyers Association held a meeting to award outstanding intellectual property lawyers and outstanding real estate lawyers, at which Li Yongbo from Unitalen Attorneys at Law won the honorary title of Beijing Outstanding Intellectual Property Lawyer., The president, vice president and Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Lawyers Association, as well as 40 award-winning lawyers, attended the meeting.

Li Yongbo specializes in solving legal issues in the field of intellectual property, and he is familiar with international intellectual property protection mechanisms and the Sino-US IPR trial procedures, and understands the development of new information technology and new types of infringement in network. He has handled the litigation and non-litigation cases involving multinational patent, trademark, unfair competition, trade secrets, computer domain name, network infringement and technical contract negotiations; he especially focuses on the study of intellectual property abuse in the field of antitrust involving multinational corporations, familiar with the 337 investigation procedures of the U.S. International Trade Commission, and maintaining good communication and cooperation among lawyers and intellectual property experts.

Li Yongbo has extensive experience in intellectual property litigation. The French LAFITE(LAFITE) and JAC trademark infringements and unfair competition cases represented by him were selected as one of the "2011 China Top Ten Typical Intellectual Property Cases" by the Supreme People's Court. He helped his client to obtain a compensation of RMB22 million in the Ashland Inc. (ASHLAND) patent infringement and trade secret case, and a compensation of 2 million in the French Louis Vuitton (LV) trademark infringement and unfair competition case, which was selected as one of the “2011 Top 10 IPR Civil Cases" by the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court; the series of litigations such as French Montagut and British Tensar represented by him are very typical and have great social impact, among which the Montagut v. Guangzhou Mengjiao Gongzi case was selected as one of the "2006 Top 10 Intellectual Property Cases" by the Beijing High People's Court.