Unitalen selected into "China Top Ten Patent Agencies" by MYSIPO

January 18, 2015

Recently, the selection of "China Top Ten Patent Attorneys" and "China Top Ten Intellectual Property Litigation Agents" launched by MYSIPO was announced in the "MYSIPO Annual Forum of 2014", with awarding ceremony on site. With its own professional strength and excellent service, Unitalen was selected as one of the "China Top Ten Patent Agencies". In addition, Hongjiang Li, a lawyer from Unitalen, was selected as "China Top Ten Intellectual Property Litigation Attorney".

The selection of "China Top Ten Patent Attorneys" was sponsored by MYSIPO, with candidates recommended and self-introduced by MYSIPO members. The total number of voting online reached 21,407, after initial evaluation online and re-evaluation by 50 corporate IP managers as panel of experts, ten outstanding patent attorneys were selected.

The MYSIPO Annual Forum was initiated and hosted by MYSIPO, which is currently a professional forum with the largest number of participants and the greatest impact in China. As a speech front for outstanding figures of the industry and communication platform for IP peers, the forum has become a top event of China’s IP industry and an annual expectation of insiders.