Unitalen Lawyer Yazhou Zhang invited to Taiwan to lecture at “Mainland China IP Course”

November 6, 2015

On November 3, 2015 the first lecture of “China Mainland IP Course”, which was organized by Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau, Taiwan Institute for Information Industry and the Chinese Commercial & Industrial Coordination Society, was held at GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center. At invitation, Mr. Yazhou Zhang, Unitalen partner lawyer, provided a lecture to the representatives from many local businesses on the topic of “Risks in granting IP rights in mainland China and Case Studies”.

In the over 3 hours’ lecture, Yazhou Zhang had introduced various legal issues involved with trade secret rights determination, affirmation and granting of trademark rights and copyright determination in Mainland China, along with 14 concurrent typical IP rights cases to share for illustration.

The “China Mainland IP Course” has been well received by Taiwan companies’ legal counsels as it covers the practical operations in IP right determination, risk prevention and infringement litigation fields.