Seagate Technology’s patent lawsuit against Cornice

July 5, 2004
Seagate Technology’s patent lawsuit against Cornice
On Friday, US hard disk manufacturer Seagate Technology announced its plans to further deepen its patent lawsuit battle with Cornice, a Japanese manufacturer of the same industry, and report to the US International Trade Commission. “Our company will appeal to order the cease of import of any products equipped with Cornice hard disk drivers”, speaker of Seagate Technology Woody Monroy said.

In June, Seagate Technology filed a patent infringement lawsuit with the US Delaware District Court against Cornice, seeking for monetary damages, as well as injunction that bars the latter from selling hard disks in the US.

Cornice mainly produces one-inch hard disks of the Storage Element brandname, which are largely used on handy electronic equipment, as for example Sony’s MP3 players. Among Cornice’s clients there are also: American Digital Networks, Korean iRiver and Digitalway. Earlier this week, Western Digital also announced its filing a patent lawsuit against Cornice.