Small company vs. big giant, Dexian Co. accuses Sony

February 8, 2005
Small company vs. big giant, Dexian Co. accuses Sony
On account of a lithium cell of nail size, Sichuan Dexian Science and Technology Co., Ltd., an unknown Chinese company brought an action against Sony, the giant in the trade at the beginning of 2005. The plaintiff, a manufacturer of digital cell, claims that Sony shall immediately stop using the “Infolithium technology” applied in intelligent lithium cell used in DV and digital camera sold on Chinese market, and stop applying this technology in their China-based production of such lithium cells.

“Infolithium technology” means that Sony attaches intellectual key identifying system to every piece of cell, and in case of using non-original cell in Sony's digital products, it will prompt to use original cell. Therefore, Dexian Co. holds that Sony is suspected of monopoly, and appealed to a local court in Shanghai.

Multinationals have always attached great significance to intellectual property protection, and Sony has already applied patent for the “Infolithium technology” used in intelligent lithium cells, and “national law must acknowledge and protect the multinationals' maintenance of their own intellectual properties”, therefore, from this point of view, Dexian Co. has very little possibility to win the case.