China GMO Patent Volume Ranked No.2 Globally

August 26, 2016

Posted on: August 25, 2016


China GMO new specie patent volume ranked No. 2 globally and broke the long term dominance by advanced countries and multinational seeds groups. GMO new species breeding was part of China’s 12th 5 year-plan (2011 – 2015), during which China had achieved 137 key genes with significant value for breeding acquired, plants of new transgenic pest-resistant cotton accumulated to 400 million mu (around 66 million acres), reduction of pesticide in use reached 400,000 tons and the increased revenue from reduced expenditure arrived at 45 billion yuan. China has established a comprehensive GMO breeding technology system and biology safety evaluation technology system, which will help improve the country’s ability to research and develop own genes, technologies and species, as well as provide solid technical background to ensure the safety of food supply.


In addition, some key technology innovation indexes of China have leaped into the front ranks of the world. In 2015 the rate of contribution of technology development to the economic development hit 55.3% with an overall R&D expenditure more than 1,400 billion yuan doubling that in 2010; and the amounts of invention filing and authorization are 3.3 times of those in 2010.