Haifang Zhang

Partner/Chief Financial Officer/Lawyer/CPA/Senior Accountant

Practice Area:  IP Litigation

Tel: 86-10-85115888 E-mail: haifang.zhang@unitalen.com   Office: Beijing

Professional Experience

Zhang Haifang first started as an Economic professor at a university in Beijing, then she took on the roles of Chief Accountant, Deputy General Manager, Executive Deputy, General Manager and other senior positions in a large state-owned enterprise for over ten years, during which, she worked hard to promote advanced business management models, advocating the integration of logistics, HR, capital and information, optimizing the economic benefits with use of the existing resources. Her approaches had successfully straightened out the corporate asset relationships and solved many issues stemmed from the history, improved the business profitability, and established a financial management model for the state-owned enterprise.

Zhang joined Beijing in 2008 and she has been proactively pushing forward the process reengineering, management optimization, increased IT utilization, strengthened financial management within the firm.

Education Background

Master of Economics, Beijing Normal University
MBA, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management

Working Language

Chinese English